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The Office of Business Development supports UC Merced faculty, staff and students with innovation, entrepreneurship and partnering. OBD assists in making connections with industry, understanding and realizing the commercial potential of ideas, and facilitating the transition of discoveries from the lab into marketplace.



Innovation Consulting 

The Office of Business Development will assist UC Merced inventors with the process of patenting and commercialization. All inventions made by UC employees must be disclosed to the university, regardless of when or where they are invented. This is a legal obligation of university employment, and is also a first step for inventors with getting access to resources to support commercialization and increase the visibility and impact of research programs. If the invention disclosure form is approved, we will work with you and lawyers to file for intellectual property rights that can foster commercial use. If you have questions or would like to initiate the invention disclosure process please contact us at

UC Patent Policy


Industry Sponsored Research

The Office of Business Development can help answer questions and produce insights, with the goal of developing and improving products and the processes that deliver value to the marketplace. We can help you solidify a budding collaboration or discover new research, develop opportunities and technologies, and answer your questions about industry alliances with UC Merced.

We are here to help you make the connection. Please email to get started.


Non-Disclosure Agreements 

If you have been asked to sign a confidentiality agreement or non-disclosure agreement, or if you would like to share proprietary, sensitive or “not-ready-for-publication” information with others, the Office of Business Development will work with you to put in place a non-disclosure agreement or confidential disclosure agreement.

For assistance, contact us at


Material Transfer Agreement

Transfer of research-derived materials must be conducted under an agreement (often called a material transfer agreement or MTA) that addresses ownership, permitted usage and liability issues.


If you have received a request for your materials, want to share them with a collaborator or if another organization is asking you for such an agreement, please contact to initiate the material transfer agreement.